Slope/pitch dimensions



I realize that by far most of the people reading prints know have experience in pitch terminology, so this might be an extraneous point, but is it not better to display as option 1, with the rise and run numbers beside their respective lines? I think it adds a visual clue to which dimension is which, making the print-reader’s calculation faster (if only by milliseconds).


Yes, please.


I’ve been asking for this as a standard feature for Layout leaders for ages. The solution inside sketchup works, but isn’t as clean as on as it’s hard to set scale and position on paper from within Sketchup.

Having a tool in LO like this for Plans and elevations would be very handy.


I’ve been wondering the same thing. It strikes me that this is mainly a 2D notation used in ortho views, hence more appropriate for Layout than Sketchup. If someone has a good (existing, not created just for this topic) 3D use case please present it.

Also the main users would be architects, engineers, etc. using Sketchup commercially so having it in Pro only would be appropriate. But until the Layout API is completed it won’t be possible to do it as a Layout extension.


Because Layout doesn’t have an API I’m trying to figure out how to create views directly in SU. These could then be exported to JPG or PDF.


They added the very beginnings of an API in 2017 but it is far from ready for developing extensions.


I didn’t realize that. It’s progress though.


On a slightly different tack…

Although a slope dimension is almost a 2d orthogonal view concept, I would plan to make it work in any orientation around the blue axis, but withe dimension itself in a vertical plane through the pick points.

And maybe later in a plan view?


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