SketchUp for schools moderation request

To whom it may concern,

There seems to be a large influx of SketchUp for schools whitelist requests, all existing in their own thread.

Can one of the mods please start a mega-thread for these requests and pin it so the forum isn’t flooded with these posts?

Or, is there a way to apply an “ignore” filter to the for Schools category?

I seem to remember that such a “mega-thread” existed, but lately the forum has been flooded by these individual ones.

Got to agree with this. Have always wondered why Trimble doesn’t have a dedicated email link for this sort of thing.


You can mute a category if you don’t want to see it.

I’ve relocated half a dozen or more of these threads to the SketchUp for Schools category today. Of course the people doing the posting don’t care what category they put it in so they take the first on the list.

Muting it helped. There was a flood of those whitelist requests today.


Each category list has a “bell” drop picklist button at the top right.

FYI, you can also mute individual topics via the “bell” drop picklist button at the bottom of each thread.
By default it is set to “Normal”.

IMO, this would not happen as much if the “Categories” page was made the default landing page.
I know this can be done, as other Discourse forums have this set.