Slice group along curve path

I’m an Arch student. First post on this forum, so forgive me if I didn’t post it I the right place.

Is there a way to slice these solid groups to the normal (perpendicular to tangent) of the organic path (highlighted in blue)?


I created these solid groups with Curviloft.

I tried finding tutorials, or related posts but can’t seem to find a solution. If someone could show me how to do it or link me to a solution I would appreciate it!

Do let me know if my question isn’t clear. Thanks in advance!

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I meant to slice it like slicer5 plugin but not in one direction. To slice it like slicer5 plugin along a path

The pie arc tool can create a face that is perpendicular to a chosen path. Click-and-hold at the point where you want the cutting face to be located, then drag the mouse along the desired edge for a ways, and then release the mouse. Now the pie-arc is set to create an arc perpendicular to the dragged edge. Create an arc of arbitrary angles and small size.

Then what I do is to use the Polygon tool to place a sufficiently-large polygon on top of the pie-arc’s plane. I make the polygon larger than the arc (sufficient to span the geometry to be cut), so that I can double-click in the middle of the arc (to select the arc’s edges and its interior face), then shift-click on the arc’s face (to de-select the face), then Delete (to eliminate the arc’s edges, leaving only the polygon with no holes).

Finally, that polygon can be used with the Intersect With tool to slice some other geometry (may need to copy and paste-in-place the polygon into the editing context of the geometry to be sliced).

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Thanks for your quick reply! @TDahl.
I’m sorry, I admit that I didn’t ask the question clearly. Please check my Edit part in the post.

With what you told me, it gave me an idea to do this:
1.Place the plane normal to the path
2. Use “Copy Comps Path” tool by JHS_Powerbar plug in to array it along the curve

However, they overlap and would not intersect nicely at the corners (circled in red). Is there a plugin or method to slice it automatically like the slicer5 plugin but along a path?

I don’t think so. I would edit the path (with BezierSpline from Fredo6 e.g.) to get constant and longer segment length for the path to reduce the overlap (and the amount of created geometry, looks like this will be the next problem with your setup).


something like this…

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Thanks for the recommendation! @Cotty :smile: I actually need the geometry to be sliced at smaller intervals but I will give it a try. I also thought of another method is to true bend some parts of the curve