Skydome testing

I just thought I’d try out a few things I made some years ago, but in unison. I’ve used a model I made of the US capitol and set it inside a skydome. This is a huge (like 1 Km in radius) low-poly hemisphere, mapped with a hemispherical sky image. You can find any number of these on the Net for different skies. It needs to be set to neither cast nor receive shadows; and also made semi transparent. The SU style needs to be flat white.
Add to this a few custom figures walking up and down steps or leaning on something at chest height and Bingo! a basic but usable animation straight from SU itself (edges and profiles turned off), without having to resort to any renderer.
For those interested, the Capitol is in full 3D, has a measly 10,495 faces and weighs in at just a tad under 2Mb.


There’s a plugin called sky dome that can create an spherical dome mapped with an hdri, you can download your own hdri’s and the plugin will map it automatically on a spherical dome.

Thanks, but my point was to show what can be done in plain vanilla SU. :slightly_smiling_face:
I could also just hit the Use HDR Map in my within-SU renderer, but producing a useful animation would take a lot longer.
Skydome looks quite cool, but I’m not seeing any advance beyond the proof of concept release in 2019. It apparently only supports SU 2020 and 2021.

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