SKUP header and top tool bar not present

SKUP page header and top tool bar are not present when open up SKUP …help

Are you using the web version?

I’m not sure but I think so. All the usual safari headers, tabs , and favorites bar are present on screen as SK tries to run on my older MacBook. How do I get SKUP native on my Mac?

Also when running Fusion 360 these safari elements are not present.

Show a screenshot of what you are seeing. In the web version there are no menus across the top like there is in the desktop version. It’s not a bug.

What you show is what you should see.

Then how do I access the Main (Top) tool bar?

There is no top toolbar on the web version. All of the modeling tools run down the left side of the model window and the utility windows are on the right side. The only things at the top are the buttons you see including the hamburger menu.

How do I load and run the desktop version with full tool bar and no safari artifacts on the top. My screen space is very limited.

First you need to download it and install it. You can get SketchUp Pro from Currently that’s the only available desktop version. Download the .dmg file, double click on it and then drag SketchUp to Applications in the window. After that you can open it by clicking on the icon for it on the desktop.

If you want to run the free web version as you currently are, you could hide the shortcuts and other stuff at the top. Not sure exactly how it’s done in Safari these days but it’s easily done in Chrome. SketchUp for web tends to run better in Chrome than in Safari anyway.

On MacOS when you install a program a desktop icon isn’t created, to open it you must either go to the applications folder, open the sketchup folder and open the program or fro the launch tool on the dock find the sketchup app. From both places it is possible to drag the sketchup icon to the desktop or the dock to be able to find it easily.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

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