Sku for ipad - where are the tools for weld & divide

Regarding this topic > Divide a line & weld a line just want to 1. Know where to find these two tools &/or menus & 2. Get step by step Instructions for how to accomplish their intended operation. BTW: Unless I missed it which is very possible was unable to find online clear thorough “how to” information for the iPad. Sketchup Pro has plenty. THX

I’m on Go @FAITHgirl, but it’s the same for your question. In the first screen shot, you see I have a line drawn and I highlighted it in blue, then right clicked, and the pop up screen came up that has divide for me to choose. The second screen shot is similar but I have two lines highlighted, then I right clicked, and the pop-up screen shows where I can choose weld.

Royce has it right. It’s basically the same. But here are some iPad screenshots with notes.