Skp viewer just for the model?

Am I missing something? A have several clients who want to scan through their model but who think VR is awkward of even humbug (quote). What setting is possible in the viewer NOT to use some VR but to just vieuw the model and roam around it as the model itself?
We mail the models to them, we do not use trimble at all.

SketchUp Viewer Product User Guides …

But why am I forced to install an extension I do not need?

You should not need to install any extensions… Your client can view your model files in SketchUp Free or using one of the non-vr versions of the viewer that @DanRathbun linked to.

This a topic covered in the following video. Matt compares most of the alternatives and provides an unbiased review. Check it out.

This is why I hate instruction video’s. I cant skip, I don’t have reference afterwards, and minutes of useless wealreadyknowthis plus productpush.
And bottom line, 20:45 i have not seen any solution which ticks our boxes.

Still sketchup viewer requests installing of “mixed reality”, which tested does not install on clients machines or on a VM when a bit smaller in memory. And is not needed.

I think there is some confusion, which device are we talking about?
Basically there are 5 or 6 kind of viewers, for all the different devices

This one links to the desktop viewer (classic):

The AR functionality in the IOS or Android viewers is only available with Subscription or ‘in app’ purchase, the button is there, but it will not work if you haven’t bought either of them (‘in app’ purchase or Subscription)

Hi, Its the desktop windows version. The VR in the apps will not be used. Our whole businessmodel is to keep it as simple as possible. So we will not need any VR as it adds complexity to a group of people who ask us “do we have to”? So we do not need a (very large) installment of mixed-reality, which windows requires when installing. Until now I found only one client who could use VR, but won’t. Sketchup is very good in basics, the viewer in our opinion could do with less options. Or a standard where it is possible by default not to show things like axes etc. When running it on the mac now I see quite a number of things i’d rather hide for the enduser we target.
Rating. No stars. Not fit for purpose for clients. Way too big to instal, finding skp’s on ipad almost impossible. Older ipads hang most of the time.