SKP to DXF Conversion

I created a bottle/cargo cage for bikepacking in the Free 2017 Sketchup program. Is there a way to convert the SKP to DXF so I have it cut out on a water jet?

I assume you mean SketchUp 2017 Make and not the Free Web version as your profile indicates.

For a one off thing you could use the 30-day trial period of SketchUp 2021 to make the .dxf export. That should get you by and as a hobbyist it is probably the cheapest and easiest solution.

You may download free BricsCAD Shape that open SKP and save to DXF/DWG. There is also other solutions.

Yes it is a desktop version not the web version. How do I tell if it is “make” the icon on my desktop just says SketchUp 2017. Great thanks for the tip on the 30 day trial.

Also, if your model is not top secret you can upload it here so someone with Pro can export it for you.

It would help if you correct the information in your profile, then.

How long have you been using it? If more than 30 days, it’s definitely the Make version. If you haven’t got the ability to export .dxf files that would also be an indication it’s SketchUp Make.

OK I updated the version to Sketchup Make on my profile. Thanks for the recommendation. Yes I have had this version for years so it must be the Make version.

I have requested an export on the 2021 free version but it is not top secret so how do I upload it on here?

If it is less than ±10mb you can upload it here, just drag it in the answer box or click on the 8th icon above the answer box. If it is a bigger file you could share it via Dropbox or another file sharing app and drop the link here…

AutoSave_Cargo Cage - Final - 6.15.skp (310.7 KB)

Presumably this is to be cut out flat and then bent to shape?

yes correct it will also need to be adjusted for the material thickness but I think if I can get it into the dxf file the fab shop can take it from there.

holly smokes Dave, you have built some amazing models!!

Thanks. When i get back to my main computer I’ll see what I can do for you. Or someone else will beat me to it.

Alright. I had to do a bunch of cleanup but hopefully this works for you. I’m heading out the door but I’ll check back when I get home.
AutoSave_Cargo Cage - Final - 6.dxf (285.7 KB)

Awesome, thank you!!! I will run it by the fab shop and see what they say. I have no programs that are able to open it.

They took a look at the DXF file and said they were missing a lot of information on it. Does the DXF file only read in 2D?

I flattened the model so it would create a pattern for the water jet cutting so yes, it’s 2D. What is the “missing information”?

Not sure what happened to Dave’s dxf, but when I opened it the drawing was incomplete. perhaps this will work
AutoSave_Cargo Cage - Final - 6A.dxf (125.1 KB)
I flattened the file so not all the info from the 3D file is in there. You will have to tell them where and at what angle to bend the sheet metal. perhaps a PDF of your SKP along with the appropriate annotations.

Awesome, thanks a ton! Good call on a pdf with the annotations.