SKP pre-pick functionality is not working

SKP pre-pick functionality is not working on multipul faces. :frowning: ,
I did switch on it in prefs setup, no luck
Anybody has this problem?

Presumably, you are talking about the Push/Pull tool, which would have been a good thing to mention. However, whether or not you disable pre-pick, Push/Pull works on only one face at a time.

(The main purpose of prepick is to allow you to apply P/P to a face that is not visible from the point of view from which you wish to invoke the command, e.g., because the point where you want to stop the push is visible from that point of view.)


Fredo6’s Joint Push Pull extension may do what you are seeking.

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but pre-pick (for multiple surfaces, that what remember when it was itrodused) is in sketchup? … … but it does not work :frowning:

Push/Pull pre-pick enabled is the default. Perhaps you turned it off.

Disable pre-pick on Push/Pull Tool — SketchUp Help

Window > Preferences > Drawing

Hi @Tomek,

The pre-pick feature is only there for a single face and was most specifically used for allowing you to select a face before performing and Push/Pull allowing you do perform the Push/Pull operation without having to mouse over the face in use. If you want multiple-face functionality the Fredo tool mentioned above might help you out.

A good way to test this is working is just create a simple cube, select the top face, select Push/Pull and then use the tool without actually mousing over any part of your model.

Hope that helps!

thanks @Jody,
I was convinced that it was also for several faces at time, so I was wrong.
it would be nice to have such functionality