SKP + LO (MacOS) not respecting file type sorting

SKP and LO seem to have bug where the file type sorting preferences when you Open are not being respected. I noticed it this week, not sure how to fix it:

SKP: (it should sort by file type, and then alphabetically)



Is that to do with SU/LO or Mac? Your screenshots only seem to show folders, not files.

That’s standard macOS behavior: when you choose to sort by kind, folders sort before files regardless of file extension. Finder does the same.

No, it is not correct, regardless if I am just showing files or folders. I should have specified that is doesn’t match my Finder for the same setting.

Finder sorts by Kind, and within Kind it is alphabetical:

SU does not:

Agreed - but something went sideways - SU doesn’t match my Finder now, regardless of how I toggle the sort / display options within the ‘Open’ dialog in SU. It works properly in Finder…

When I use the ‘List’ view it sorts as expected:

Hitting option while changing the sort type seems to re-set this…

Interesting! I had never noticed that function. It is mentioned in the tooltip if you hover the cursor over the group icon, both in SketchUp and in Finder. So, it is a macOS behavior.

Yup, must have hit it by accident sometime in the past week…