.skp file viewer on mac

Dear Friends,
I have the Sketch up 2015 installed in my new IMAC and also have a large collection of 3D files (.skp) saved in my private library.
My problem is that during my work on sketch up, I need to import any of my 3D files to the current file and as a normal process, I select any of my saved files and expect to see it in the pre-view window before importing to the current file, which is not happening!! it just show me skp symbole window without the real 3D image of the selected file, this don’t happen with windows.
Do I need to make some setting steps in my mac or I need to install a software which can allow me to see through the pre-view window.

Thank you for your help

I’m not a mac user nor do I know if there is a thread in this forum about it but, this thread at sketchucation should get you sorted.


You do need an extension/plugin as SU for mac does not have that option…
The link that @Box supplies is to one that I have been developing for the last 3 years [ mainly keeping up with the changes in both SU and Apple OS’s]…

For the Retina mac’s a couple of features still need updating, which I am currently working on…
but the basics should work ok…
If you decide to try it, post any questions you might have at that link, as others users may chime in…

Ah… it’s nice to know who to associate things with.
Hoping from forum to forum can be confusing.