Skip Pro Evaluation


Hi, I downloaded Sketchup Make to deploy in our highschools. It’s about 250-300 computers and they do basics stuff. I want to deploy it via GPO, but can’t find a way via registry or other to skip the 30 days of sketchup Pro and go right to the Make Version.

I don’t want to get those screens at startup about the evaluation because it only confuses the students and teachers… and then they call us :smile:

Can you tell me how to end the evaluation period right after installing sketchup make so I’ll make the required changes in the GPO.



Hello @alexchevrier

You can’t “skip” the 30 day trial but after it expires, it will automatically revert to SketchUp Make. So you do not need to worry about uninstalling or reinstalling anything.

The Pro features will be darkened when it reverts back to Make. I would just say let your students explore SketchUp Pro for the trial because it will be gone after the 30 days anyway.

Thank you,


Bugra from the SketchUp team has posted instructions for skipping the Pro trial here: SketchUp Make 2015 and imaging computers in a school



Thank you, I followed the instructions and it worked.