SketchUp Zooming Behavior


Wow! what a step in the wrong direction SketchUP Make 2014 is! I have the most current version of SketchUP Make. When I am in a model if I pan in and out the drawing will suddenly go extremely small. So small in fact that it disappears from the screen if you continue to pan in or out you will eventually find the model and be able to pan back to a viewable size. This bug makes sketchUp make impossible to use. If this is the kind of programming we can expect from SketchUp’s new owners we ALL are in trouble… How can I move my SketchUp drawings back to version 8?. This version is NOT ready for prime time!


The zoom tool depends on the position of your mouse on the screen (on the model). It’s not fair to blame SketchUp for this…


“Panning” is moving from side-to-side. What you’re talking about is called “zooming.” (And “scrolling” is yet again something else.)

I don’t believe there were any changes made to the zooming behavior in 2014, and I haven’t noticed any. As with other versions, the behavior of the zoom function is sensitive to what’s under the mouse pointer. When some specific geometry is under the pointer, zooming should work smoothly and consistently. When you zoom over empty space, behavior is erratic and unpredictable.

When you make a statement as sweeping as “This bug makes sketchUp make impossible to use,” and “we ALL are in trouble…” don’t you find it odd that no one else has reported it?


All I know is when I go to zoom in using the rolling middle button on my mouse and the drawing disapears from the screen (using any tool) and if you keep rolling the button in the opposite direction the drawing will reappear and if you carefully put the pointer on the tiny drawing and start rolling the middle button the drawing will eventually display properly again. I might make a couple of additons and then it reverts right back to that problem all over again… UBER ANNOYING!!!


The middle scroll wheel is the same as all the old versions, so that’s nothing new. It’s always based on where your mouse is.

If you need to review on how to use SketchUp, youtube has plenty of tutorials.


I’d say you have made good progress in rescoping your statement from speaking for all users to merely all you know. Now, at least, there’s a theoretical possibility that you are qualified to state an opinion.



Could you be a bit more specific about the tool(s) you use, what you expect and what you actually see happening.
One of your issues is with zooming in/out. Is the pointer focussed on geometry?
Does the model also disappear when panning or when orbiting?
Does this happen with all your models and only in SU14 while not in SU8 with the same model(s)?
Could you share an example model that shows these difficulties.

Does your model have many guides?
Is the geometry positioned far from the origin?


Do you use your operating system’s default mouse driver or a custom/vendor specific one? Check that there is no mouse wheel acceleration set. If there is, then it’s not SketchUp’s fault for zooming to fast in and out.