SketchUp Workflow Interior Designer - Initial Concept Stages - PDF/DWG Import & Quick Plan Options

Hi All - new to the community, so if already a topic elsewhere, my apologies for the repeat.

My question:
Is there a better workflow / plug in / work around with SketchUp that I have not yet discovered to assist in the import of base building information (usually pdf), scale it accurately and quickly create multiple layout options to present to a client before modelling in 3D? Further explanation below :arrow_down:

Further Info:
I’m an interior designer working specifically on hospitality projects, and use SketchUp Pro and Layout to deliver detailed drawings to clients, builders and others - plans, sections, details etc. The nature of my work is such that at the start of a project I create, present and work through multiple plan options with the client (in 2D - sometimes 5 options, sometimes 20+) to arrive at one final plan option we then proceed with to design the space.

Often I only have a pdf of the existing tenancy, and find it far easier and more accurate to import this into AutoCAD LT (Mac) to work on the initial concept plan options, for the below reasons;

  • scaling the pdf is easier and more accurate in AutoCAD
  • explode or trace the pdf is faster in AutoCAD
  • working with vectors/lines to quickly create plan options is easier/faster
  • working on multiple copies of a plan is faster in AutoCAD, SketchUP can lag with multiple plans copied across the workspace

Once the final layout is decided, I usually import the .dwg file into Sketchup to then model it - however it does often import at a random scale which is likely my user error but very frustrating to fix with the scaling limitations in SketchUP.

Is there a way to keep my entire workflow in SketchUP? Is there a plug in/add on people use for this?It’s expensive to run 2 x software especially when I’m using barely 10% of the functionality of one and only have it due to a lack of capability in SketchUP. Will/Are sketchup improving their vector functions and scale function to enable users like me better workflows/capabilities? Does anyone else have any ideas for a work around here?

Thank you!

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