Sketchup Viewer NOT editing

With the new Sketchup viewer as an IOS version of the software is it possible to turn editing off or lock so it functions as the old sketch viewer did? We run a company of builders using iPads and this is quite important for our workflow. TIA

Hi Bob, thanks very much for posting your question about this important topic!

I’ll offer a few notes…

  1. When used on an iPhone, the SketchUp app is still a viewer-only app. So no changes there, and no concerns for users being able to edit, or otherwise mess up files.

  2. When used on an iPad, the SketchUp app will offer viewer-only capabilities for users with a Free account. Users with a SketchUp Go, Pro, or Studio subscription will, however, be able to create new models and/or open and edit existing models… to your point.

  3. SketchUp for iPad offers a robust, native integration with Trimble Connect, Trimble’s cloud-based project management, and collaboration platform. With Trimble Connect, you are able to establish projects and project teams, and then manage access controls to the files and other data that are stored in those projects. For example, you can:

  • Create a project for a job,
  • Then (optional), create a project folder that contains the SketchUp models that you want your team to have access to,
  • Then invite your team members to that project, and assign read-only access to the project as a whole, and/or the subfolder containing the SketchUp models.

When team members then launch SketchUp on their iPad and open the Trimble Connect tab, they’ll automatically see whatever projects, folders, and files they have access to – and the app will respect the permissions assigned to those projects, folders, and files. Meaning, that when one of your project team members opens a file that they have read-only access to, the app will open the file and present the Viewer-only app mode (limited tools & functionality), and any changes to the file will be discarded as soon as the file is closed.

More info about creating projects using the Trimble Connect Web app can be found here: Trimble Connect for Browser User Guide - Creating Projects
More info about managing permissions can be found here: Trimble Connect for Browser User Guide - User Permission Settings

I hope this helps… I know it’s a lot of info, but once you’ve got things set up, there’s a TON of additional value that I think Trimble Connect will be able to unlock for you and your team.

Happy to answer any additional questions!

Thanks Mike that’s super useful. We just logged out and re logged in as a new user. Back to normal and the workshop crew are happy.
While I’ve got you, I’d love to ask…
I downloaded Trimble Connect for iPad and the main reason I didn’t get it going for our team was the absence of the “scenes” function. But as you describe above I might need to explore it more thru the Trimble Connect Tab in the new SU app.
We have been using SU Viewer for years now and have made some pretty interesting projects. This Transformer was designed all in SketchUp, flattened for CNC and built with SU Viewer on the iPad.


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The 8y.o. kid in me is FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!!!
That is so F-ing rad! :heart_eyes: