Feature request: Share on Trimble Connect and set permission authoring

Let’s make this request a discussion:

I believe that Trimble Connect power would be unleashed if we could share a SketchUp model directly from SketchUp.app while setting permission (modify or view only).
An “everyone with the link can view/modify” sharing option would be very appreciated, so that the user who receives the Trimble Connect link to the model could view or modify it directly in SketchUp (after Trimble ID sign in).

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:100:% this is an ongoing research project on this subject. We’ll be in touch :wink:

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I would love to see a revamped Trimble Connect app and Sketchup working with it.

I don’t like how Sketchup has an integrated Trimble Connect app only for Sketchup files and I think that this should be handled globally in Trimble Connect App, as if Sketchup files would be as any other files.

Then, permissions for Sketchup files would be inherited from the Folders that the files were placed.

So, imho, the problem here is in the Trimble Connect app and how it lives in the iPad ecosystem, and how it should start moving from considering iPad as a viewer and start looking at iPad as an editor too.

I have posted this on Trimble Connect part of the forum:

I think it makes sense for anyone using Sketchup for iPad. If you’re like me, Sketchup for iPad will become a huge part of your workflow from now on.

Sorry, I missed your earlier discussion, that is now closed.

Trimble Connect is a very big and powerful server-side service, that, among things, lives under/in SketchUp too. It’s very focused on collaboration between different authoring software (SketchUp, Tekla, Revit, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks and so on). Yes, it has it own mobile app too but it’s for to do’s, views and team members management.

Let’s focus TC collaboration.

Other than the co-editing permissions, very useful inside a team, it’s very common to collaborate with other external teams, that are part of the same project, but work on other field of the same work (i.e. architects team need to send models to external engineers team)

Permission management and file ownership are crucial.
I.e. architects don’t want to give editing permissions for the architectural model to other teams/users of the project, as well as engineers don’t want to give editing permissions for the structural model.
But both teams/users need to view and import as reference the other team model.

I think the core to manage these aspects is already in TC, need just some adjustments.

  • Users of a project should be able to upload models and documents retaining their ownership and editing exclusivity. Other users of the project could view these files in a “view only mode” that permits Import as reference option inside their authoring software.
  • (external to the project) users with Viewer permission, like final clients or contractors, should have a list of the received/opened link in their TC (or SketchUp) home screen. If this link is a .skp model it could be opened in SketchUp Viewer Mode.
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Dive into “Releases”:

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Wow, thank you!
There’s always something new to learn.
Basically all I was dreaming about TC is already there!

TC Releases and Groups feature is a confirmation that TC has definitely the potential to perfect inside SketchUp.

For sure folder and file permission management, and link sharing would be a good addition in SketchUp.


After playing a while with Trimble Connect and SketchUp I go back where I left: TC has so much power, but needs to perfect inside SketchUp:

  • SketchUp for iPad can’t import View only models as reference; while I believe that “import as reference” should always be allowed inside a TC project for View only and (of course) editable models.
  • SketchUp Pro Desktop actually can import View only models and modify them, this shouldn’t happen at all; moreover the TC SketchUp Desktop Extension seems a bit outdated. A better integration, like in SketchUp Web and iPad would be welcome.
  • SketchUp Web in Viewer Mode lacks of selection, entity info and measurement tools.