Sketchup Viewer is not compatible with Motorola devices

I would like to know which cell phone this Sketchup Viewer application works on, because I have a Moto G5S Plus and it is not compatible with this application, I tried to install it on the Moto E6 and this one is not compatible either. This application should be compatible with all types of cell phones. I hope they fix this because I would like to be able to use this application in my work, where it has already been seen that an application is launched that is not compatible with Motorola cell phones and there is no list of devices compatible with this apk.

I have a Moto G Stylus 5G. The viewer works fine on it.

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These sort of problems can occur when the operating system isn’t updated.
Try to have the ‘latest and greatest’ and download and install SketchUp from the official play store.

My Moto G5S Plus cell phone has Android 8.1 and Moto E6 Android 10 and neither of them is compatible with this application, it does not install from the playstore there, there is no way to install it.

Can you upgrade to later version of your operating system? Or is your phone too old for that?

The last update that my Moto G5S Plus Android 8.1 cell phone received was on 08/01/2019, the other cell phone is more modern with android 10 and even then it is not compatible with the application.

Then it sounds as if you may be out of luck, unless you can find an older version of the Viewer.

I already tried to install an old version and I tried to download the app’s apk installer and it doesn’t even install, it gives an error during installation no matter which version I install, I’m thinking that this app was not made for Android, even though it’s in the playstore .

I used to use it on Android myself 2-3 years ago before I switched to an Apple phone, and others have said it works for them.

But I’m sorry you can’t get it to work on your phone(s).