Sketchup Viewer for VR "path does not exist"

Can’t Browse local files… i just get the error window “path does not exist”.

Anyone know what’s wrong?

Google search gave no result.

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What version of SketchUp? (Please complete your profile.)

What should the path be?

Mine was working fine until I renamed the folder that was named VR to Sketchup VR. Then I started getting the message. I did not remember what the folder’s name was. One of the recent files in the Sketchup VR viewer had an extension .skp2
I did a search for skp2 files and found a shortcut in my recents folder. I right-clicked and checked the properties and it showed that the folder that was missing was the VR folder. I remade the folder c:\users<username>\documents\VR and it now works

My version of sketchup is 2021 but in order for the viewer to open the ketchup files I have to save down the models to 2019.

Workaround is to send the model over using “SketchUp VR|AR extension” on SketchUp pro to publish model to IP.