SketchUp Tool Icons

… why would they ? they just achieved a multi-year iconography transition. Now they have to work on dark/light UI, finally (I hope) merging PC and Mac interface with QT, plus a big task, letting go of openGL, finding a new silhouette for 24… busy busy.

neither do I. I was articulate about it before it landed (because I knew it was coming, web, then ipad, pro was obviously next). I’ve had issues with the redesign since the software icons (like you mention). They became, as you say, indistinguishable. This is google suite level of unreadable.

But I know that hoping they’ll go back to what they were is like hoping the climate collapse will stop by itself. It’s not gonna happen, and it’s been decided by a committee somewhere up high and years ago.
Best we can do is adapt. So I’m adapting.

you have weird goats in your country. :clown_face:

as a french millenial, the icon is weirdly ok : back in the late 90’s / early 2000, one of the main search engine we had here was Lycos.
and in the tv ads, it was a dog, with the ad saying “Lycos, go search”.
so yeah, a tool to search other tools shaped as a dog is… yeah, I get that one :slight_smile: