SketchUp to to .stl questions

I am new to 3D printing and have created a knob. It is a solid but if I make it a component and try and save it SketchUp wants to “fix” it. This fix makes it not a solid any more. I understand why this is happening but need an .stl file to give to a printer.
If I try and save the model (not as a component or as a component) to an .stl file my printer rejects the file as not a solid. when I import the .stl back into SketchUp I can see lots of issues.
The attached model is not a component. If you make it a component you will see that it is a solid per SketchUp and if you save it it is no longer a solid.
Thoughts on the best way to get this to a file I can give to my 3D printer.

Knob.skp (476.0 KB)

I’m pretty sure you can choose not to “fix” it. I’ll have a peek.

Here is a Solid Component.

KnobCOMP.skp (246.3 KB)


I made a component of your loose geometry and SketchUp reported it as solid.

And the exported .stl seems to be fine according to i.materialise.

Is it OK that the knob is not very round?

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Making it a solid is not a problem thanks to DaveR. My issue is the .stl file that gets created. The printer I sent it to has issues with it. When I imported the created .stl file back into SketchUp it looks like it has issues.
If you save the SketchUp file after you create a component does SketchUp want to fix it?
I will check out i.materialise.
Lots to learn.

Not for me no.

Well SketchUp 2020 on my home computer does want to fix it and SketchUp 2021 on my work computer does not want to try and fix it!
Need to update my home set up. Will try and export the .stl form 2021 and see what happens.

I didn’t have any problem either.

For things like this I generally model as if my units are meters. So for your knob I would be modeling as if inches were meters. The exported .stl file is going to be unitless so you export as meters and import into the slicer/printer software as inches.

In 2020 you can turn off Fix problems in Preferences/General.

Here is the knob modeled in meters with more segments for the Follow Me path.

I noticed that the rounded over edges have a very high number of edges, probably more than really needed. Turn on view hidden geometry to see them. Their small size may be causing your problems?

Will remodel as you have suggested. As for my not very round knob, yup I was not paying attention. As this is a prototype that will be going to the foundry to be cast I am mostly concerned shrinkage and surface quality that I will get from the raw casting.
Also learned that when the 3D printer asks for a print they do not mean paper!

That looks much better than my attempt. Back to drawing and not use round over for the edges. Follow me it is.
We have lots of tools in our tool chest and using the correct ones will help for sure.

You can still radius the edges. I did, anyway.

What will it be cast in? Sand or a silicone mold?

Lost wax casting in bronze. I used the round over plug in for my edges and that was not the correct tool for this application I believe.
Thanks for all your help

I used the 2-Point Arc tool on a profile of the knob before running Follow Me.