Sketchup to revit and reverse

I am a retired architect working with a local architect to take my design a new house from sketchup to his side in revit. I see from some research that this is possible. I want to be able to be the “driver” of the documents, design changes, etc. This would then appear to be most efficient and direct way for me to work with him. I very much prefer sketchup rather than trying to getting into the weeds of autocad/revit. Any suggestions, things to look out for, greatly appreciated.

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There are a few ways to go from SketchUp to Revit, but it all depends on what he needs to do with the SKP model after it is in Revit. No way is going to let him tag your SKP geometry as it was a native Revit entity. It would be more so to link into his docs as a reference, then trace over with Revit walls, windows, and doors. You can also check out the extension Helix by EvolveLAB.,at%20the%20Revit%20family%20level.

You can try Speckle, it has connectors to send SketchUp geometry to native Revit entities.

Thanks, but, would it be best if it goes from my SketchUp model to him? I have a very solid model completed, yet I am still lost on Layout. So, trying to get the basic floor plans, elevations, sections nailed down to the model I have completed to him is a problem. I have been trying to find a good tutorial, focused on architectural construction documents on Layout, but, without much success.

Thanks! I have sent this on to my architect and we are scheduled to discuss this in our zoom meeting tomorrow.

He can link in your SKP file in Revit - but if you want to create construction docs in Layout, it is going to take time. It may be best to give him overall dims, but I am sure that as a retired architect you likely want more control.

You can share your SKP file with him and he can view it in a free viewer, but it would be better for him to link it into Revit so he can take dimensions.

Check out Nick Sonder’s process for Layout -

Yes, the control freak. Not really fair to the other guy expecting him to know what I am thinking in all instances and as design is not linear, as I built the model and added details such as casework, bathroom fixtures, etc. the plan dimensions change. Yes, this makes sense as I want to give him the model that has been built to scale that he can then use to put together construction documents. I would be ok doing a CD set through Layout, have the time (i.e. retired), but, I am still on the learning curve with this next level. I will definitely look at that youtube link. Thanks again, you have been extremely helpful.

Watch the videos by Nick Sonders or Michael Brightman for tips on using Layout

Thank you and another forum member sent that link. He is amazing and shows how a complex midel can be presented and documented!