Sketchup to Autodesk Inventor

I am exporting parts created in Sketchup to Autodesk Inventor. The smoothest process I’ve come up with thus far is to export a DXF file, import into Inventor and employ the Inventor Stich tool to clean it up.

For the most part it works quite well except for extra hidden geometry I get on some surfaces (In the photo below I have highlighted an example, the blue wedge in the middle)

It doesn’t show up as hidden geometry in Sketchup so I don’t know what it represents. In terms of the model it doesn’t effect much, but when I choose tool-paths in CAM software (CNC manufacturing processes) it throws things off and creates false tool-paths.

If anybody has any experience with .skp to .ipt files I’d love to hear any tips you may have.


can yo add that skp file, and I see if I remember the steps I used in the past…


mid top.skp (134.7 KB)

I was grouping more like this, but no longer have access to test/confirm…

mid top_jcb.skp (157.3 KB)

About the same result it seems. Photo of the model below

So is the thinking to create a division between the geometric “zones” for lack of a better term?

for some items I use to fully triangulate, manually and/or with an extension, so both softwares had the same geometry…

OK interesting. I’ll look at some extensions.

Thanks John appreciate it