Export Sketchup to Inventor

I can not be the only one making 3D designs in SU for production units running Inventor software to make the machine/production files.
Anyone with “best practice” on the subject ?
Anyone knowing “both sides” of the issue ? would be great if I could export models i DWG and anyone knows what the do´s and dont´s are at the Inventor end as well.

STL seems to be the file type that can be used, perhaps DWG/DXF too. Note that any “curved” faces will become flat facets when imported so for any “freeform” geometry the imported file would work best as a template for remodelling the object.

Thanks - stl mesh is not an option to export for machine production. From an SU point of view the most accurate would be DWG as I see it. But “the other end” using Autodesk software like Inventor can not import. Every time you ask the machine industry they say “STEP”. Of course I can take a 3D model apart in individual parts and export it as DXF. But this only gives a 2D file, which allso is OK for the machines to process. But the best would be a 3D export (DWG), so the machinist can understand the total element, and then take it apart for milling etc.

There is a commercial STEP exporter plugin available from SimLab.

Simlab has only STEP importer plugin.

It’s possible :wink:

No, any “curved” faces in SU are flat facets

Not true. There is no translator that will automatically create a solid with nurbs surfaces from an STL solid.

@Sturnus Thanks for taking part in the dialogue. Thansk for the heads up on Simlab, but it seems you might have another work around on the issue ? please share.

Let´s solve this ones and for all :slight_smile: Buy Autoconverter form Automapki (round 70 USD year). If your SU model has interacting parts remmember to group them individually if you want the receiver to be able to take it apart. Save yoru SU model as .skp.
Open Autoconverter and find SU model and open. Choos “flat” view in menu - now you see the surfaces. Choose save as - *.stp
Good to go :slight_smile: at the Inventor end - import file and surfaces will be there :slight_smile: and you can choose individual parts taht was grouped in SU and take the model apart. There will be “stray polygones” from holes etc. on surfaces, but they do NOT interfer with boundery lines in any way - can simply be cleaned up in Inventor.