Sketchup to AutoCad as Export for Structural Engineering

Good Morning Sketchup Forum:

I exported a completed residential design to AutoCad DWG. Scaled in Feet. Output is isometric, engineer wants plan view. I can do section cuts and various 2D outputs, but I desire to send one file and let the AutoCad engineers take it from there. See note below from engineer. Any ideas to make the export meet the need of a plan view? Many thanks, Kevin

Hi Kevin,
Provided CAD files is not working. could you please provide the latest architectural CAD files?
The SKP cad files are working but it’s in isometric view and I have tried to convert a plan view from it but it’s not working.
We need a CAD file of the floor plan to start the work.

Try setting your model to Camera/Standard view/Top and Parallel Projection. Before you export the file.

Thank you, will give that a go.

Sorry, forgot to ask this one: Export as 3D Model or 2D Graphic?

Try both, send them and see if either works for them.

Or, if your structural engineer’s tools are from this millennium, export an IFC file. Many work with Trimble Tekla, I don’t know if it supports SKP directly.

Of course😀

They are imported as ‘shapes’

To bad it doesn’t work the other way around.

Thank you everyone, the 2D Export worked well - according to the Engineers. Their one complaint was my loose geometry! (Doah…) where there are a few hidden lines I never saw or deleted at clean-up and which they had to hunt/peck & delete. Engineerings going to Building Department. Quite the ride…elev6200

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