SketchUp to Archicad

Hi There,

I’m an interior designer using sketchup and I’d like to collaborate with another interior designer, however she uses Archicad.

Is there a way I can create 3D models in Sketchup and send them to her for her to open and detail dimensions etc in 2D in her Archicad program?

Thank you

Maybe explore sending 3D dxf files?

From the GraphisSoft knowledgebase:

Thank you, I’ll do some exploring.

Thanks Jim

At work I am a daily user of Archicad. I have basically given up using SketchUp as a “content creation” tool for importing models into it. Main problem is that the importer Graphisoft uses doesn’t respect the smoothing SketchUp uses to simulate curved surfaces. Especially in 2D views it is annoying that all edges become visible. The only solution I have found is to open the created GDL object and add a drawn 2D representation to replace the auto-generated one.

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Thank you Anssi. You’re feedback is greatly appreciated.

I’ve recently looked into moving back to Archicad. It’s much better for detail and section views.