SketchUp Studio crashing

My SketchUp Studio is not working.

Can you click on the upload button with the arrow pointing up, and attach an image of the error message?

We’ve seen some issues where the Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2015 and later Redistributables that SketchUp requires to run needs to be reloaded to let SketchUp run. Please try the following:

  1. Quit SketchUp (and LayOut)
  2. Go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2015 and above Redistributables (there may be a 32-bit and 64-bit version) and uninstall SketchUp.
  3. Right click and re-run the SketchUp installer as an administrator. (you can download it here if you need it: Download All | SketchUp)
  4. Start SketchUp

This should get that library reset so that SketchUp can get running for you. Please let us know if you are still seeing any issues.

Also, cool car background!

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If the normal reinstall doesn’t help with the mfc140u.dll error message, then often downloading this fuller version of SketchUp’s installation file can help:

On the phone you said that didn’t work, the C++ still isn’t showing up, so please try downloading the distributables directly from here: The latest supported Visual C++ downloads

Glad that downloading/installing the x64 and x86 files plus restarting the computer worked for you!