SketchUp Scene dialog and scenes tabs - bracket question


in the scene dialog box and my scene tabs my scenes have brackets around the scene name [scene name]
what do the mean? No problems just curious.



that (bracketed) scene will be excluded from an animation - there is a check box below the list which will switch it on or off.
In view/animation/play the animation will scroll through the scenes - except those with brackets.


Thanks but - these are not parentheses like this (scene name) they are using brackets like this [scene name]


Maybe its a mac display variation? ( i see you have both win and mac ) as far as I know I don’t think there is another purpose to the different bracket types?


Yes - it has me stumped too. Thanks for all your help but I am using windows computer right now and I am pretty sure these show up on my Mac too.


Could you attach a simple file with these brackets for us to look at.




I meant an actual model with a scene so we can see what is going on in the model itself.


I’m on windows and this how my brackets look.


yes same on my machine when I remove the scene from an animation - but for some reason I get brackets somethings when I create a scene


I think I figured it out I am using a plugin to create a named scene when I create a scene using the plugin - I get the brackets around the name of my scene