Sketchup scan to 3D model

Saw this video in French. Seem to be a useful technique than having to use a complete point cloud scan. In most cases, one needs to orient in real space and create the rest by modeling. I had to use Laser survey for my home project to plot the existing perimeter wall. I employed a service provider who used Total station surveying instrument and made error by referencing a point on a pillar post that was outside the boundary. This lead to a lot of confusion to get to verification by a simple tape measure to find the error. The plot was eventually to be used to build the 3D space. A method such as this in the video would have been better as it provides a cue to the references and gets only the point of interest than a mesh of the area.
Will anyone know of an English version of this video. The comment section of the Youtube video is disabled.

I found that CloudCompare is freeware.

I wish Trimble to offer something similar, that would have been great.
Windows only…

Thanks Mike for the Trimble Link.
In the mean time I found that the Structural Ipad scanner manufacturer provides an application , have you used this?

Not myself,
there are others users on the forum, see this thread:

[quote=“MikeWayzovski, post:3, topic:101037”]
Windows only…[/quote]
Was not updated for ages, as a stand-alone plugin. But newer version is now a part of Trimble RealWorks.
Having said that, I found that technique to be quite confusing and not easy to use. So thinking about Undet, possibly. (if only it could work with RealWorks better…)