Sketchup Saving: Saves to parent folder instead of chosen Child Folder

Fighting a weird problem. Seems like it has started since I upgraded to 2020 SKU 2020. Not sure of the full “how”. Can’t say when this issue started happening is what I mean. Noticed today when I was in Layout doing updates to a set of drawings. I had to make a change in Sketchup and did the normal updating process of saving the file after the changes and then moving to Layout and using the “update model reference”. Only no changes.
Went back to Sketchup and did the process again. Double checked my layer setups and then went back to Layout and tried again. Reset layers. Still no updates from the file.
Went to the Root folder for the project file and there was the file with the same name but it was showing a time stamp from yesterday. ??? I had just saved it a few times and no time stamp update? So, I didn’t know what was wrong, I back out to the main parent folder and dove down thru each folder thinking I might have had the path wrong. Got down about 4 levels into the main client folder and there was this whole set of SKU project files, including the most recent saves with a few backup renditions. ???

I went back into Sketchup and tried a “save as” to the child project folder. I double checked to make sure I was choosing this child folder and hit save. I went back to Finder window (mac user) and went to the parent folder and this new file I just saved was in the parent not the child folder I indicated.

Anyone else seeing this behavior?

Current screen shot of Client Project Folder. Normally save to the 02 Main Model Folder. Notice at the bottom the other files being saved in the top level folder.