Sketchup Rendering

Hi wants to make an interactive rendering but sketchup can’t, it says let me try to see if my TEMP have enough space, what can i do can anyone help me please?

Your topic title and post are very cryptic, please try to explain more about your problem. What are you trying to render? What are you trying to render with?
And please correct your forum profile, Intel integrated GPU is not an operating system! That information helps us to help you…

Generally my rendering issues have come from SketchUp wanting to use the CPU rather than the graphics card ram to generate a rendering. I think that can be fixed in the graphics card menu.
This is just a suggestion…may not work however,

I had to purchase a 650.00 graphics card with 9 GB on board ram to make my interactive rendering work. Now it works great on 2017 pro.
Unfortunately, Bentley bought up the company and overpriced the program to a point where
I can’t afford it. It was built by ION SOFTWARE. I think they still exist but don’t own the program any longer.

Try right clicking on your desktop to find the graphics card menu.