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I’m not too sure if this belongs here or not but, I was wondering what is the difference between Sketchup Free and Sketchup Make? I’ve heard that Make 2017 is free, is Sketchup Free totally free?

I was also wondering is it possible to import CAD models from GrabCAD to SketchUp?

Probably the biggest difference between SketchUp Free and SketchUp Make is that one of them runs in your web browser and the other runs on your desktop OS. There are numerous additional differences, of course, but that’s the biggest.

Both SketchUp Make and SketchUp Free are free to use on any non-commercial project. They are in this respect identical in both their cost to you and their use restriction.

I’m not an expert in GrabCAD, but it looks like models get posted there in whatever format the author chooses to upload. You may be able to import objects from there if they have been posted in a format that SketchUp can import. This Help Center article (Using SketchUp Data with Other Modeling Programs or Tools) may be a useful place to start.


Thanks for your response. Another thing I’m wondering is which one would you recommend to someone who has never used any sort of CAD program and where can I download either of them?

SketchUp Free is a great place to start learning CAD. If you prefer running a desktop client application (SketchUp Free runs in your browser), you can download SketchUp Make instead. Both, from a beginner’s perspective, have all the features you need to get started. Be sure to spend some time watching the “Getting Started with SketchUp” video series on YouTube.

You may find that the user interface varies between macOS, Windows and Web versions, but the basic tool operations are all the same.


Hey @Apguy89,

Here are links to the video tutorials that @jbacus was referring to. Click on the bold text below:

Getting Started with SketchUp - Part 1

Getting Started with SketchUp - Part 2

Getting Started with SketchUp - Part 3

Getting Started with SketchUp - Part 4

The video links that follow exhibit a feature that is only available with SU Pro (and SU Shop) but not available with SU Make (or Free). These are provided to give a glimpse of the potential of this extraordinary software.

Getting Started with LayOut

Layout Tips

As a new member of this online community, you may also find reviewing these two additional links informative as well. (Again, click on the bold text.):



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