SketchUp Profile Builder extension

Hello Friends,

I am learning how to use the Profile Builder extension and I am stuck right at the start. As I am drawing a profile alongside a wall, I need to toggle the model and at this point I lose the profile and cannot get it back.

The official training video says ‘Use the Home button to continue’ but I have no idea what ‘Home’ button they mean :frowning:

If you look at your keyboard, you will see a ‘Home’’ key (near DEL).
While drawing the profile, you can use scroll (wheel in the middle) to zoom out-zoom in without exiting.

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Hi Mihai, I lose the profile when I press to toggle and I need to toggle at some places. I’ve rewatched the video you’ve attached, it’s a very good one, but it’s not resolved my issue unfortunately.

If you were referring to this tutorial, it clearly says to press the ‘Home’ key (keyboard). Did you press that key?

Yes, I pressed the Home key on my keyboard. I even did this on another computer. The toggle button does not change back to the profile. I’ve now raised a query with the company that has developed this extension.

Have you tried to press esc? You can continue drawing a new profile
Try to toggle the model before the second click while you are drawing a line

Hurray! That’s it, the Escape key does it. Thanks very much.

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