Sketchup Pro - Layout

Hello. I’m new to this forum but I’m using sketchup since 2005. Basically
my issue is in the layout,

  1. The moment i send my model to layout ( let say 3 scenes )
    the section place is visible although in my model i hide it.
  2. Every time i do some changes in the model it doesn’t update automatically on the
    layout. So what happened is again i send my updated model to another file.

Any idea?

Cheers. J

It sounds like you haven’t updated the style for the scene to reflect the state of the sections. You need to do that to make the section plane not visible in LO.

If you’ve sent the SketchUp file to LayOut, save the changes in SketchUp, go back to LayOut and right click on a viewport. Choose Update References from the Context menu. All the viewports will then update.

If the SketchUp file is closed, right click on the viewport and choose Open in SketchUp. Make the changes and save them in SketchUp. When you return to LayOut, the updates will occur automatically. Both of these are normal for LayOut.

You should probably invest in a book on LayOut such as the one by Nick Sonder and Matt Donley.

Thanks DaveR. I appreciate it.