Sketchup Pro for Mac OS 10.9.5


I have decided to buy a Pro license for my Mac.
My MacAir is running 10.9.5.
I would like to ask what Sketchup Pro version to buy?

Also, I would like to ask about the maintenance and support fee?
Do I buy the maintenance & support plan at the same time I buy the
Thank you.



SketchUp 2016 was the last to run on OSX 10.9.5.

You’ll need to contact SketchUp Customer Support directly because they generally don’t sell licenses for anything but the current version.


SketchUp 2016 was the last version that supported OS X 10.9.5; support was dropped as of SU 2017. I don’t think you can buy a license for 2016 any more. But unless it is older than late 2008, your MacBook Air should be able to run OS X 10.10 and 10.11, and if it is 2010 or newer it can run macOS 10.12. Why not update your OS first and then buy a license for SU Pro 2017?


Thank you for your suggestion. I thought that the 2016 version was
available. I have reached out to customer service to get the answer I need.


SketchUp 2016 Pro is still available to download but they make it available for people who had bought the license while SU2016 was the current version and who might need to reinstall it because of a computer issue. If you were to just go through the purchase process on the website, you would get a license for SU2017. SketchUp licenses are version-specific and not transferrable from one version to another.

Good luck.


Hi Steve

Thank you for the information. I have auto update turned on on the Mac but
nothing has been updated.
I’ll check into getting a new OS. I appreciate your time and assistance.



FWIW, the update service for Macs only update the current version of the OS. You need to download and install newer versions on your own.



Thanks. I was not paying attention to the versions. So, now I’m a couple
of major OS versions behind.

So, I have work to do before I come back to the forum. This will be fun

Thanks again.




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