Sketchup Pro for developers

Hi all,

Do you know if there are some special offers (discounts or free versions…) on Sketchup Pro for us developpers ?



So far, the Ruby API has almost feature parity on SketchUp Make and Pro. Unless your extension wants to use solid operations, it will work in both versions of SketchUp.

The SketchUp team is very open to developers (and have good reason not to lose them). If you have already a portfolio of plugins or a specific project, request, I recommend contacting the Extensibility Team to become part of the developer community.

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Generally, benefits (whatever they may be,) within “special programs” for software development are administered per specific legal agreements. These agreements, usually contain “non-disclosure” clauses, and often this term is part of the title of the agreement. This is standard operating procedure for most proprietary software development.

So, … it is safe to assume that, even the public discussing of any details of such “special programs”, would be prohibited by the agreement that “special participants” would be made to agree with and conduct themselves by publicly.

It could be assumed by some, that persons publicly asking such a detail question might have a strike already against them. At the very least, it suggests they’ve not yet participated in any such “special program” that is administered under a NDA (“non-disclosure agreement”.) [My pessimistic side talking here.]

No one should expect that all applicants would be accepted immediately. It is also possible that participants would be subjected to certain sequential levels of trust over time. Ie, they’d need to prove their worth and trustworthiness at lower levels of trust, before being “promoted” to higher trust level programs.

("Loose lips sink ships!")

… hence, it would be a stepped process … (don’t skip steps.)

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Disclaimer: The foregoing is only a general personal opinion and does not in any way represent the policies of Trimble, Inc. or their SketchUp product division , nor should be construed to present a view as a special participant in any special programs, past, present or future, that I may or may not know about, … with any possible business entity, existing now, in the past, or yet to be formed.

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perhaps, but it may also be argued that the goals have shifted to be more favorable towards the paying professionals, and not so much for the hobbyists, be they users or developers.


:ballot_box_with_check: Step 1, (as Andreas said above,) is to register as a SketchUp Developer.

Doing so will put you on an email listserve so you’ll be more “in the know” of happenings with and for the various SketchUp family APIs.

This registration does not mean you must publish extensions on the EW, but you will get a login for the signing portal so that you can generate security certificates (hash files) for your extensions, no matter how (or where, or even if) they are published.

:outbox_tray: Step 2. Follow instructions in this thread

handle it similar to a job interview. Ie, state a case why you are ready to join such an effort, describe experience, describe the types of extensions you’ve already developed (or provide links, etc.)
Meaning, don’t just send a PM saying “I’m, interested.” (That will just be a waste of time, and delay any decision.)

:inbox_tray: Step 3, Be patient

Winter is vacation time in Colorado, Especially from December … New Years holidays. You may not receive a response until sometime in mid-January (or at other times of the year, until certain “mad rushes” surrounding project milestones are over. Ie, maintenance releases, BaseCamp, DevCamp, etc.)


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