I plan to sell my plugins, how could I begin?

Hi there,
Anyone please tell me how to publish a paid plugin on Extension Warehouse?

developer.sketchup.com” is a good place to start.

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Thanks, I knew it. I published my free plugin. But I can not find anywhere in the form so I can register a paid-extension…Trimble Identity

Once you have signed up and been accepted to be an Extension Developer, sign in to Extension Warehouse, hover over your username for the menu to appear and go to My Account. From there go to Developer Info, scroll to the bottom of the page and tick the I am planning to sell extensions checkbox. After doing this someone at Trimble should contact you to set up the paperwork and stuff.


When using the Extension Warehouse licensing API, please note that there is a bug that prevents anyone signed up as a vendor to acquire licenses to Extensions, whether it is our own or other people’s extensions. I was very close to give up selling extensions before I had even started since I couldn’t get a single licensed extension to work and thought the whole licensing system was broken. I decided to give it one last chance and tried selling an extension I had planned to offer for free and people started buying it. If you think the licensing system is broken it is probably just for you (and us other vendors). The public can still (most of the time) buy the extensions.

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Once being signed up as a vendor (and having accepted that you just have to hope the licensing system works as you aren’t able to test it yourself) you may struggle implementing the licensing API. The API docs tells what each method does but without any context.

I struggled a lot to find out whether I should notify the user myself when there was a licensing issue or whether SketchUp does this automatically and so on. Eventually I started using this pattern that seems to work fine. Note that this is not an official code example provided by Trimble, just what I’ve made myself. I tried to get people on the extensibility team to look into it and just see if this is how the licensing API was intended to be used but they didn’t have the time.


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