"I am planning to sell extensions"?

My first extension is alive! :blush:
I released a free version to understand that entire publishing process.
Within a few days I would send a full version submission. However, when submitting a free version, I did not have the option of choosing whether my extension is for sale and at what price.
I’ve clicked the “I am planning to sell extensions” button more than a year ago.(For my other account (3D Start), not this one.)
Does anyone know, who passed this procedure, should I do something. I’m surprised that I did not have to fill out any payment details in advance.

I’m not sure if I’m understanding. Did you try to become a vendor with a different account than the one you are now trying to sell extensions with?

Thank you, @eneroth3!
This account that I participate in forums is my old account. To publish the extension I have this other account (3D Start). In that account, I have applied to be a developer and I “plan to sell extensions”, and through that account I published the extension.

Ok, I see. It can take some time for the vendor application. If you haven’t gotten any reply for some time you can try mailing them at developer-support@sketchup.com.


That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

I sent email and received an automatic reply that they will respond within 2-3 days. And maybe earlier. It has been 6 days since then and there is no response. I hope this does not last forever.

It can take a month or two. Or just a few days.

I started with this 14 months ago, just so that this does not happen. It’s a bit frustrating.

The one that helped me set everything up was @yogesh and if you contact him directly he might help you as well. Here is his email… yogesh@sketchup.com

I hope you can sell your extensions soon!

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@MarkoL We have an automated process which sends the required forms as soon as we get an application. Please PM the email address associated with the vendor account so that we can check.

@MarkoL Check your spam folders / filter.

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