Sketchup Pro 2023 network license/named user license ports


At my uni we have network license (auth code and serial number) for our computer labs for our students. We also have named user license for our teachers.

On this webpage →
It says ports 5053 and 50530 needs to open for network license. But it also lists ports 80, 8888, 8080, and 443. What re those ports needed for exactly? You usually don’t want to have port 80 open.

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HTTP uses port 80, so I think that would normally be open, otherwise no web page would load.

The non-network license system uses 443 I believe. I had 8888 added because I was checking what ports were being activated, and that one popped up.

I’m not sure who will know the exact use for all of the ports. Some of this code was written over 24 years ago.