Sketchup Pro 2022 Network Lab Licenses


Sorry for the following question that maybe is very obvious, but I need to be sure:
Do the Sketchup Pro 2022 Network Lab Licenses seats have to be on the same local network or is the license management done over the Internet?

Thank you very much.


If the workstations can reach the servers. (Normaly, they should be able check the ip adresse and ports to be open)
Check this page:

So, your answer is: “Yes, they must be on the same local network or have access to it” Isn’t it?

For the commercial licenses It’s handled across the internet - the computers will require a constant connection for them to work.
There was also a private server option and educational lab licenses which are both onsite options.

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Thank you Elmtec-Adam :+1:

No, the workstations must have access to the SketchUp servers via the world wide web. Not sure where you got the ‘local’ part.

Sorry, I may not be explaining myself well?
Do the workstations with Network Lab licenses have to be connected to the same LAN or just to the WAN? What if the workstations are in different campuses or buildings and do not share the same LAN? Is there a problem with that or do they just need the serial number provided by the license manager?

‘Cloud’ = the internet, www, world wide web, etc.

Meaning, the number of seats determines how many workstations can activate SketchUp at the same time.
This pool of licenses or seats is recorded somewhere on a Trimble server ( or something similar)
Maybe in America, maybe in Ireland, but, connected through the world wide web!

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