SketchUp Pro 2023 Customization

I am trying to create a button for the Bezier Curve Tool I have downloaded. It appears under the Draw Menu. I have created a new toolbar and would like to add the Bezier Curve Tool to the new toolbar that I created. I am a bit stumped at this point. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated!


Easier to create a keyboard shortcut for it. To create a toolbar button you would need to do that with Ruby and create an extension.

New toolbars created in View>Toolbars are only for native tools, not for plugins or extensions.

Alternatively you could use Bezier Spline or Fredo Spline from Sketchucation. Both of them come with toolbars and have a lot more opetions and capabilities than the Bezier plugin from the Extension Warehouse.


I did do the shortcut prior to my post. I also just tried using the Toolbar Editor extension, created a new toolbar and a custom button. Issue I ran into is how to assign the Bezier Curve tool command to the custom button. I may look into the two other options from Sketchucation. Thanks!