Sketchup Pro 2022 Bugsplat after installing extensions


I’m trying out SketchUp 2022 PRO and want to report a problem.

When I try to install an extension from SketchUp in the “Extensions/Extensions Warehouse” menu after downloading there is a Splat Bug for certain extensions!

Is it a problem of the extensions or of the 3D Warehouse?

If I download the extension from the site to install it with the Extension Manager, the problem does not exist!

Ps: I have already sent the error report.



I am also having this problem.
(Crash #248480 and Crash #248485)

I looked at your bugsplat, and the description from other people who had the same issue. From that I could tell that it’s a problem we have fixed already, and should be in the next update we release. I can’t tell you when that will be.

The cause of the problem is that if you close the Extension Warehouse window before the page has refreshed, which it does after you have installed an extension, whatever code was running tries to talk to the EW window, which doesn’t exist now, because you closed it.

For now, after installing an extension make sure to wait for a moment for the window to refresh, then it’s safe to close the window.

Thank you, although I think I did wait a few seconds before closing. I am now waiting for the next release of sketchup (which hopefully will be soon, it is almost 2023)

Let me know if you have waited for the page to refresh, close it then, and still see a crash.

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I just did that on behalf of the TS…

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Thank you, I waited for it to refresh, and it didn’t crash now.