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Just purchased and get error message. “Quit unexpectedly, bug report, keeps circling back on download version. Web version I get this screen with no top tool bar or main selections in top line. Tried all the stuff I saw posted already.

There is no top toolbar in the web version like there is in the desktop version. The tools are accessed on the left and the various interface panels are on the right.

Did you buy a Pro subscription or a Shop subscription? Did you download and install the desktop version? what version of the Mac OS are you running? What graphics card?

As Dave was guessing, you do have a Pro subscription. You can get the SketchUp 2021 desktop application from this link:

That will download and mount a disk image. In the window you will see a SketchUp 2021 folder, and an Applications alias. Drag the SketchUp folder on to the Applications folder, to set it copying across.

When it is finished copying, use the File menu to eject the disk image, and then go into Applications, SketchUp 2021, to open SketchUp. In the SketchUp welcome screen sign using your gmail address.

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I have tried to load the desktop version many times. I just get error that “SketchUp quit unexpectedly”. Then a Bugsplat report I have sent numerous times. 2020 worked fine, but now I can not open new files. Layout 2021 loads, but not Schetchup 2021. I have deleted, applications, library, etc as suggested in the forum. The bugsplat report is very long. Here is the first page. Tried to send more but got denied for file size to forum.

My computer

Error msg

Error msg 2

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Error msg2

On Mac you can type Command-Shift-3 to get a screenshot of the whole screen, or Command-Shift-4 to select part of the screen.

In the SketchUp window that shows the three icons, Ctrl-click on the SketchUp 2021 title, and reply with a screenshot of the menu that appears.

hi, how can i added to the tool bar the arrow UNDO DRAW LINE and REDO DRAW LINE, thanks

Undo and Redo are in the Standard toolbar. Go to View>Toolbars and select it. There is no specific Undo Draw Line and Redo Draw Line. They are just Undo and Redo.