SketchUp Pro 2021 crashes when exporting animation

Have just uploaded to version 21.1.331… and still when exporting 2d, 3d or animation makes the programme immediately crash. Looking for a solution :eyes: please!

I am having the same problem. Need to export an animation for a client. never had this problem before.

Hi Adam
I’m sorry to hear this… no one has got back to me to rectify this issue. I ended up using Quicktime to video my computer screen as the animation was running, then editing it in AfterEffects. However another way round it is to save your model in an earlier version - it exported perfectly. (Only discovered that later!)

wow that a great idea… Thanks

Didnt work for me but I tried it on my girlfriends computer and it works fine. She has os 10.14 mojave and i have an oder os so maybe it has something to do with that