Sketchup Pro 2021 & 3D Warehouse Models

@alwaysinlaland In what version of SketchUp are you wanting to Import HEIC? Mac, Windows, Web?

@MikeTadros Sketchup Pro 2021 on Mac

@MikeTadros , I would very much like that all import and export and file type support options were identical across all SketchUp platforms. We are already missing PDF in Windows versions.

I have a counter argument…

I don’t know if the lack of PDF import on Windows is a technical issue or a licensing one. If it is a licensing one, then SketchUp may be taking advantage of the system wide ability on Mac to open PDF files. That is, the files can be imported without needing a license from Adobe.

You would think though that anyone on Windows who owns Acrobat, or Creative Cloud subscription, does have a license to work with PDF files. If there was an import type in SketchUp, that was titled something like: “System supported image types”, and it used a system importer to hand over the PDF, that could solve the problem.

The same approach would also give Mac users the ability to import HEIC.

I would guess that it is mainly an issue of absentmindedness. The format is included in the system on the Mac, so it has been included in supported image types there. The PC version already has export support for PDF and EPS both in SketchUp and LayOut but import has not been implemented. I think the translator is even now not based on Adobe owned technology, and there are, I understand, several open source alternatives.

I did a test of an idea, and it seems to work. If you rename an HEIC image to be say .jpg, it will then import ok on desktop SketchUp on Mac. It doesn’t work for the web version, or for Windows. It does work with older versions of SketchUp as well.