Sketchup Pro 2019 setup fails



I download SketchUpPro-2019-0-685-20289-en.exe and run it.
It fails to setup on my computer as I systematically get the following error:


As a result, sketchup pro 2019 fails to setup.

Very annoying :frowning:


PS: I first suspect it fails due to Microsoft Redistributable package 2017 V14 setup phase.

I finally found that the failure is due to the presence of a prior version of Sketchup 2019. Unless of upgrading the setup, the above windows message is displayed.
After uninstalling that prior version of Sketchup 2019, I was able to setup the release version.



If such a message appears that the installation is blocked by a previous installed version (same major version/year), launch the installer of the previous version. It should offer options to “Repair” or “Remove” the installed version. Choose “Remove”. After the previous installation is uninstalled, launch again the new installer.



Were did you download that version?



Also you do not ‘Run’ the installer’s exe file.
Select its icon, right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”.

Installing a complex app from its exe file in any other way will produce unpredictable results, often relating to permissions etc…

If it’s already installed you can try to do the above and choose 'Repair ’ when prompted…
If this fails uninstall and reinstall…



Sounds like a beta version, but of course it couldn’t be that, because no beta user would talk about Fight Club here. Wait, I’m getting my metaphors mixed up…

As an aside, I have seen cases where non-final files can affect a release version, not SketchUp in particular. Uninstalling the latest non-release build is a good idea before installing a release build.

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