Sketchup Pro 2019 duplicate taskbar icons in Windows 10 Pro

I’ve searched the community and I couldn’t find any similar posts for this topic.

I’m running Windows 10 Pro (1809) on a MSI GE-70 2PE Laptop. I install / uninstall & maintain all my software on the laptop very seamleassly.

After I recently updated from Sketchup Pro 2017 to Sketchup Pro 2019 (I did a clean uninstall and fresh install of SU Pro 2019) SU Pro 2019 is now giving me issues with my “pinned to taskbar” icons (SU, Layout & Style Builder), which my other installed software have never done (and SU Pro 2017 was not doing either).

I always allow my software to create Start Menu icons, and I don’t have any shortcuts on my desktop, and I prefer to pin the commonly used software pinned to my start menu, and then the most used (as in daily) pinned on the taskbar.

Sketchup Pro 2019 now creates a duplicate icon (of the already pinned to taskbar icon) on the taskbar when I launched it.

I’ve tried deleting and recreating the pinned icons, pinning them from various locations, even from the .exe file located in the Program Files directory, and the behaviour remains the same. I also found some articles online that mention various ways to pin taskbar icons that are doing similar behaviour, but none of these posted solutions have managed to sort this issue out.

I’ve resorted to not pinning these items and launching them from the start menu instead, as a temporary workaround. I still would like to achieve the same pinned to taskbar icons, as my other installed software, but currently, Sketchup Pro 2019 creates an additional (temporary) taskbar icon while it is running, which goes away when I close it down.

Can someone perhaps give some ideas on what could be the cause of this on version 2019, which was not happening on my previously installed 2017 version?


And you can’t rightclick on the left icon and delete that icon?
Probably, that was was left from the earlier version, if you did an uninstall, (you don’t need to, btw, you can have multiple versions of SketchUp on your machine) you had to do it with the installer file of that version, the installer file of 2019 will only delete version 2019.
Get rid of the left icon, rightclick on the right and choose: ‘pin to task bar’

I don’t need two versions of Sketchup Pro on my machine, hence I did the upgrade to 2019, and did it via a clean uninstall of 2017, so that I can install 2019.

But either way, the extra icon that get’s created when I launch SU Pro is definitely SU Pro 2019, and is definitely not a remnant of an older install, since I am pretty sure I removed 2017 properly.

And as my original post has indicated, I have tried every combination I can to create a taskbar icon for SU Pro 2019, that doesn’t generate an additional icon on the taskbar.

And it’s the only software installed on my machine that behaves in this manner.

Did you install SketchUp by rightclicking on the downloaded installer file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’?

Quit SketchUp 2019, there is only one icon left in the taskbar, right? Rightclick on the icon in the taskbar, do you have the option to remove it from the taskbar?

Running as administrator is how I install all and run all my software. So I doubt this the issue.

I can remove the icon, and add it back just fine. However what I notice is that when I’ve added just the Sketchup Pro icons to the taskbar, and then remove them, the removing them leaves a blank space on the taskbar, which I can still right click on (after removal), but it gives me the option to “pin to taskbar” on the blank space. These only properly disappear when I restart windows. So something is definitely funny here.

So I managed to figure out what the issue was, after I went through the trouble of completely uninstalling reinstalling anything SketchUp Pro 2019 related on my laptop.

It turns out that the “the culprit” is the VRay Next v4.0 plug-in that I install to run with SketchUp Pro 2019, which loads its own menu toolbars within Sketchup Pro after you install it. As soon as the VRay Next toolbars load, that creates the extra taskbar icon in Windows 10.

I won’t even begin to bother to try and find out why this happens on this version, and I’ll maybe take the matter up with Chaos Group for them to help me figure out why this happens.

So for now, I’m happy to mark this as solved, although it is not really resolved, and has only confirmed that it’s not a Windows 10 or a SketchUp Pro issue, but a plug-in issue.

Thanks for all the assistance.


This is what I am seeing as well.

V-Ray Next is causing it. If I disable the extension, this duplicate icon issue does not happen.

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… And this happens even when “Combine taskbar buttons” is set to “Always, hide labels” in Win10 Taskbar Settings ?

My taskbar settings has always been set by default to “Always hide labels” under “Combine taskbar buttons”. So that definitely has no impact on this issue from occuring. It’s definitely Vray Next that causes this.

Thankfully my taskbar is not full yet, otherwise if it was, it would most likely shift the additional icon that gets creates when launching Sketchup, to the next row (I would assume).

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