Sketchup pro 2019 crashing on Macbook Air M1 2020

Hi I keep having issues with the program crashing. I get a report but am not sure exactly how to share it other than copy pasting the entire report.

Are you seeing a dialogue like this asking to send in the bugsplat report to SketchUp? If you fill in your info and click Send Error Report then it is already shared with the developers.

The M1 chip is not yet officially supported. Although it does seem to run through Rosetta 2 as a legacy app, but results have been mixed on the Forum, some working OK, some having small issues some having bigger ones.

No I think I am receiving an error report from my computer rather than sketchup as the error report says it will contact Apple

That sounds like an operating system error. You should submit those to Apple.

You can take a screenshot of the error and share here, as well. A forum member may have experience with the error and may be able to help before Apple gets a chance.

The Apple one appears when SketchUp crashes. The one endlessfix showed doesn’t appear until you open SketchUp again.

I don’t receive a second message from Sketchup when i restart the program and this is happening rather non-stop.

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