SketchUp Pro 2019 + 3skeng no respond


sketchup pro 2019 + 3skeng no respond installed in Mac OS.
I can work for hours and suddenly sketch up pro no respond.
Sometimes, after 15-20 minutes. Computer needs to restart.

Does somebody know about this?
Please SOS

If you switch off 3skeng does the problem stop occurring ?

yes, if we do not use 3 skeng, sketchup works normally. In that case we need no to switch off 3skeng. The problem occurs when we draw ducts or bends. Feels like the sketch up trying to download the object but connection with 3 skeng library server is too long.

Are you using 3skeng 2019?

You should contact their customer support about this.

ensure you close or collapse ALL Inspector windows when using complex extensions…

allow time for each action to ‘fully’ complete before the next…

I have found [on mac at least], code can take much longer to ‘complete’ than simply showing in the model suggests…

when this occurs you end up queuing lots of cleanup code and get the beachball…