Sketchup Pro 2018 - Import dwg/dxf stopped working

Sketchup Pro 2018 has always imported AutoCAD dwg/dxf files without a problem, but suddenly it isn’t working. There is no error message, just nothing appears. I’ve updated my drivers and OS, uninstalled and reinstalled Sketchup, exported several different versions of dxf file, ran that Sketchup Repair program, and still it won’t work. Also, the keyboard shortcuts occasionally don’t work unless I frequently reset them in Preferences. This also just started.

Any idea what’s up? A bit odd as the program has run fine for a year, and there were no obvious changes to my computer that would have caused this…

Is it just one particular DXF file or ALL dxf/dwg files. If it’s just the one, try uploading it and we can take a closer look for you. Also, are you on PC? If so, are you sure there hasn’t been any driver updates. There have been several posts recently about bugs/crashes due to recent MS system updates.

Is it possible the files you are trying to import are AutoCAD 2018 files? If so, the importer that was available at the time SU2018 was released, isn’t able to handle the newer files. You would need to save the DXF/DWG files to an earlier version before import.

Yeah I’ve tried 2004 and 2010 also, dxf and dwg, and several different files.

I guess the last update was 8/23, plus the drivers I updated today…I know I used Sketchup after that and the keys were fine, not 100% on if I imported anything

Unfortunately that doesn’t leave us with much to go off of then. Do you have support as part of your Pro license? May be worth opening up a ticket with Tech support if so. If not, hopefully someone else can weigh in here.