Sketchup Pro 2015 won't let me add a license


I bought a license for 2014 and I upgraded it to 2015 pro. I downloaded the 2015 pro, but the program won’t let me even use it. An error comes up when I click on the add new license button so I can’t type the license in or anything. It doesn’t let me click on the “start using sketchup” button either. How can this be solved?


What is the exact error that comes up?


I am having the same problem. Here is a screen shot. The text boxes are missing…


Ditto here but with the Mac version.

It seems you use a web panel to do the registration and the page it links to is either not there or the redirect is not working properly.


Im having exact the same difficulty here,
hope somebody comes up with a good solution.


Same problem at our office. Trying to add new licenses we purchased.


Ty here, sorry for this issue everyone, we are working with Engineering to get this up and going as soon as possible. We will update here as soon as we have a resolution. Thank you for your patience!


I found a solution, at least for me. Maybe it will work for everyone else. I had to manually go into the firewall settings and tell Windows Firewall (in my case Windows, I am not sure how to do it on a Mac) that Sketchup 2015 existed on the system by creating a new rule. I would have thought that the installer would have done this, it did for Sketchup 8, 2013, & 2014, but not for 2015… Then I needed to allow all connections for this new “sketchup 2015” rule. After I did that, it worked. It worked right away for the Surface Pro, I needed to restart my desktop computer before it would work on that machine. I hope this helps.


So we had a slight hicamurp this morning relating to the Add License feature. It has now been resolved. Please update here if you are seeing any further issues.


You said the issue is resolved but I am unclear on what I have to do. How can I update my program so that it works?


If you are having any issues downloading/installing/authorizing SketchUp, please check this knowledge center article -


I have downloaded the install file again and reinstalled after you said the issue was resolved but I am still having the same error.

License page not loading in SketchUp, can't add license information

This may be an issue with cookies and/or cache on your computer. Please clear all cookies, especially on your default browser (IE for PC and Safari on Mac).


That worked for me, Thanks.